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The main focus of our practice is helping people improve, if not abolish, chronic pain. At Rebalance, we beIieve that persistent pain is an inevitable effect of chronic compensations, muscle imbalances, and improper movement patterns. The type of bodywork treatment that we generally use to treat chronic pain is called the MyoKinesthetic System. This is not the kind of massage treatment that helps you feel better for 2 or 3 days and then the pain comes back. This technique identifies and treats the root cause of your pain. It reeducates your nervous system to correct compensation and dysfunctional movement patterns and gets you back to the best alignment for your body.

Besides pain, misaligned posture can cause or contribute to a whole host of problems, such as numbness and tingling, joint stiffness, chronic headaches, etc. Using the MyoKinesthetic technique, your body's alignment will improve and your body will feel and function much better.

We have found that the best results come when a MyoKinesthetic treatment is combined with massage. Performing a MyoKinesthetic treatment at the beginning of the session to improve your alignment and then using massage to relax chronically overused muscles will have you feeling much better in no time!

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I’m often asked about the MyoKinesthetic treatments that I do and how they can help different types of pain or types of dysfunction. Recently, a mom brought her daughter in to see me. They gave me permission to use her photos. This young lady had a hard fall into the foam pit at a trampoline park about 3 years ago and had developed back pain after sitting. She also said that her back “popped” a lot. When I see a new client for MYK, I start with a “yes/no” test during which they shake their head up/down then side to side. When your eyes are open, they will always align with the horizon. When you don’t allow the eyes to align with the horizon, the true muscle imbalances start showing up. This young lady had the most muscle imbalances in the muscles innervated by the L4 nerve. The first photo shows her alignment before MYKand the second shows her alignment afterwards. I cannot believe the changes to her alignment after only one session! #posturalalignmenttherapy #posturecorrection #myk #myokinesthetic #backpainrelief #whatcomcounty #bellinghamwa #ferndalewa #bellinghammassage #massagebellingham #fairhavenwashington #custerwa
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Ahhh...there's nothing like the power of a good night's sleep! Massage can help you get there. 
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It's easy to feel depressed at this time of year especially with all this rain! Beat the rainy day blues by coming in for a massage! Massage helps by increasing dopamine and seratonin which are linked to reducing depression. Massage can also decrease anxiety and relieve stress. I have a nice warm table waiting for you! :#fairhavenwa #bellinghamwa #bellinghamwashington #whatcomcounty #rainyday #bellinghammassage
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