Can MyoKinesthetic Treatments Help a Recent Back Injury?

A client with back pain due to strained muscles recovers faster with MyoKinesthetic treatments.

12/4/20222 min read

Recently, I had a new client in his early forties who was referred by his wife for massage therapy after he injured his back lifting a large cooler. He said it wasn’t that heavy but it was awkward to lift because it was larger than his normal cooler. He felt something “pop” in his back and could tell right away that he had injured something. He had herniated a disc in his teen years and he was concerned that he had herniated a disc again.

I could see some postural imbalances when I was doing the massage so I suggested trying MyoKinesthetic (MYK for short) treatments to help improve his alignment which should allow his body to feel better faster and prevent compensation patterns in his body. He commented that he had already noticed he was walking with one leg rotated outward and the adductor muscles on the inside of his thigh were sore.

We started on the MYK treatments the next day and we did 5 MYK treatments in about 2 ½ weeks. At the beginning, he had difficulty rising to a standing position and standing up straight after sitting for a short time. He said “It feels like rigor mortis has set in”. After an MYK treatment, he noticed he had less pain and stiffness when standing up. He was unable to bend over to tie his shoes so he wore Crocs most of the time.

There were improvements in his pain and range of motion with each treatment. By the 5th treatment, he felt that he was very close to being back to 100%. He wore running shoes to his last treatment and was so happy that he was able to bend over to tie them up with no pain! I asked him if he thought the MYK treatments had made a difference. He stated that he thought his body would have recovered eventually on its own but the MYK treatments had helped his body recover much faster. He said that he usually did not notice much of a difference right after the treatment but the next day (usually in the afternoon) there would be a significant jump in improvement.

I usually work with people who have chronic pain and MYK treatments are very effective at improving chronic pain. I have not had as much experience working with people who have recent injuries so this was a great chance to see how MYK treatments could help. I am very pleased with the results. If I can help speed up the healing process and get people back to their normal lives faster as well as prevent compensation patterns that can cause further problems down the road, I am very happy.

If you are wondering whether MYK treatments might help you, contact me and we can set up a free phone consultation. The best way to reach me is via text at 360-201-6737. The sooner you get help, the fewer treatments you will need!