What to expect at your first session...

Laurie Kessen

2/4/20222 min read

Let's start from the beginning! When you arrive, you will be greeted by me. I am the only massage therapist who works out of my practice which creates a very personalized experience. Each session is tailored around YOU and your individual needs. No cookie cutter massages here! During your first session, there will be a short intake form to fill out and we will go over your health history and past injuries as well as any repetitive movement patterns that may be contributing to tightness, pain, etc. We will go over your goals for the treatment and areas to focus on or avoid. If you are interested in MyoKinesthetic (MYK) treatments to improve your alignment, a postural assessment will be done. Range of motion and manual muscle testing may also be performed to pinpoint the proper nerve treatment.

I am able to employ a variety of techniques and tools during a massage session to reduce tension and bring relief. In addition to Swedish massage techniques, I may use deep tissue techniques along with stretching, trigger point release and myofascial release to help decrease tightness and pain. Hot stones may be used to relax muscles. Cupping can also be incorporated into the session to bring fresh, oxygenated blood to the area to promote the healing process. I customize the amount of pressure to fit the client's comfort level. I will be checking in with you to make sure the pressure is appropriate, but if you ever want more or less pressure please let me know. My aim is to use enough pressure to give you the "hurts so good" feeling. I don't want to use so much pressure that you have to guard or hold your breath - that defeats the purpose of getting your muscles to relax!

I will be playing music and usually it's something that most people find relaxing. However, I can easily change it to something else if it's not to your liking. Or if you prefer no music, that's okay, too! If you would like the table warmer turned down, the face cradle adjusted, a bolster under feet or anything else to make you more comfortable, please let me know. This is your session!

If you have never received massage therapy before or not had a great experience with your last one, it can be quite daunting to attend a massage appointment. It's perfectly normal to be nervous about getting a massage prior to your first session. Even if you have had massage previously, you may be a little nervous if you're seeing a new therapist.

Here is a little video clip to give you an idea of what a typical massage session with me is like:

I hope to see you soon at your first session!